A simple corporate philosophy: experience, respect, quality of the product.

During the last few years, our firm – a long-established industry operator – has packed its bags and got ready to travel to foreign markets. So now, we are small enough to be flexible and responsive to the customer’s needs, but also fully equipped to ensure constant service, continuity and product reliability. This is our corporate vision: to accept the challenges of a continually changing market and technology, while maintaining our own distinctive identity. The identity of a company of integrity, formed by people to serve people, with respect for them and the environment in which they live. Today ERB® is the jewel in our crown, a brand which encapsulates all our past history and our determination to grow: “E” stands for our Experience in the industry, “R” for our Respect for our customers and the environment and, above all, “B” stands for the Best products you can find, not only for repairing faults but also for finding solutions, together.


Thanks to our experience, we are able to guide you in the best choice.

We don’t just find the product you want; we help you to identify the product you really need. A spare part is not a mere replacement; it can actually improve your vehicle’s performance. The right purchase always starts with the right choice, and the right choice is only made on the basis of facts and a long-term approach: the way we do business


We respect the customer ensuring maximum reliability.

Reliability and service are our trademarks. Reliability and service are our trademarks. We guarantee not only our products (which all hold ISO9001/ TS16949 certification), but also the before and after sale process, thanks to consulting and services tailored to the customer’s needs. In other words, when we sell a part, our relationship with the customer does not end there; this is just the beginning, in terms of service and continuity. In the world of parts, ERB® is a travelling companion which – thanks to its quality – makes the journey last much longer.


The ERB® brand only appears on high quality parts with OEM standards.

Our quality is Italian and proven.

Italy is famous for its quality not only in clothing, furniture and food but also in mechanical engineering. And our company works within this Italian tradition of excellence.

We operate on a worldwide basis: in terms of our products, distribution and mentality. All ERB® brand products meet international safety and quality standards.